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    What is it “About” me you want to know?  Slip me an email or post your questions right here online.  This way, by having your questions posted, we can answer them for the whole world to see.  You’ll be helping others, who are also deciding on our services, to get a clear picture of what we do. A great place to start, if you’re wanting more information about my own personal  services is to see my oDesk permalink.  My name is Kathryn Sias, but you knew that.  All you need to do is run right over to oDesk or even to google for that matter, and search my name, Kathryn Sias.  You’ll come up with 1000’s of links back to me, and mainly the oDesk links and all the articles, and client links to clients sites I’ve managed or produced work for. In the meantime, you clicked this page to learn more “About” me.  Here is my general bio.  I, Kathryn Sias, will give you a general overview of who I am and why my services are so extensive. Please do not tell me I”m over-qualified. I hear that every day.  No job is too big or too small. I know it can be confusing at times getting to know an individual Consultant and or a Company you’re interested in working with.  You’ll need all the information you can get in order to make the best decision for your project.  My Bio is simple, my experience has proven ulta-successful to clients selling their own products or services and in St. Louis I am second to none.  Whether it’s Project Management, Marketing or Legal, from the left side of my brain to the right, I’m a strategist as well as an artist. [ad#co-1] Since 2002 I have been teaching photography on Universal Class and selling photography training on a successful eBay ID.  I am proud to say I own and manage a professional Marketing Company right here in the great city of St. Louis, Missouri, and I also work as a Pro St. Louis Marketing Company and Consultant through oDesk.  Check oDesk out it’s awesome, where my oDesk profile says it all, and includes a full resume, plethora of job assignments, and a nice internet portfolio from graphic art to article writing.   Click on the face of me, Kathryn Sias, below and see one of the many faces of “Kathryn Sias”.  I also get “blonde” every now and again but not in a “dumb” or “stero-typical” kind of way. Kathryn Sias has networked with literally thousands of professionals from all around the world and enjoys sharing her knowledge of business, search engine optimization, article writing, and especially photography as an art, with others. [ad#co-1] Or, send an email inquiry to:  kathrynsias@zoho.com Until then, enjoy your online reading!  Or, if it’s a legal question or project management concern you have please do not hesitate to ask.  Her marketing experience from tele-marketing to putting together effective email campaigns and other marketing reports, is essential to every business.  Your business just won’t be the same without her on your team, trust that!  Welcome to KathrynSias.com where the marketing light just keeps getting brighter and brighter! [ad#co-1] See our screen shot results now, which proves we know what we’re doing!  Or click our link to ” Seo Services ” now to read more about my company, for now I must go to speak with my mother.  She’s concerned that I haven’t been eating right, lol.  Have a great day and I look forward to doing business with you.


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