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I, Kathryn Sias, single-evenhandedly raised the term: expert seo to googles page one. I realize it’s a low-volume search term, but it does convert.  I am not beginning a career. My career of “life” has spun the course of almost 4 decades. I am proud of my accomplishments and of the fantastic teams I am associated with.

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I rank #1 for the term.   “St. Louis Expert Seo”.  See the image below

Now see where we rank for the google search term: “St. Louis Expert Internet Marketing”.  We’re #1 again!!!!

Now for the term:  “St. Louis Article Writer’s Services”  We rank in several page one positions.  Notice that oAssist is top but this site, a site Kathryn and her team founded.  KathrynSias.com ranks on page one too!  It’s okay to dominate a page, just do it fair.  Google depends on a variables that helps them to determine the prime positions when someone is in “search”.

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With a business location in St. Louis, Missouri and now in Tampa, Florida I enjoy working with as many clients as possible. I’ve learned to personally manage several clients at a time.  Right now there is only one opening for another personal client.  I represent a team of my own USA, and English speaking countries contractor’s.  It’s been my focus to train and keep a loyal team that appreciates customer loyalty the same as I do.