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Online reputation management – what to do when someone is out to get you.   Its going to happen to the best of us. Someone is always going to try to put another person or business down just to get ahead. It happened when I worked within the structured settlement industry. Everyone in that business,

Kathryn Sias from oAssist.com               Monday February 11, 2013 I was honored to be live on the radio, Business Talk Radio at that!  Gabe Wisdom was a great host.  Hew asked serious questions about how to tell if your seo or search engine optimization company is really professional. We

“Why are Monday’s always so crazy?” Yes indeed, just another manic Monday. Monday’s are typically the busiest day of the week. After a weekend of receiving emails to your inbox, when you arrive at your desk on Monday it truly is manic.  Of course there are the unending phone calls from not only clients, but


Kathryn Sias Speaks Photo of: Kathryn Sias / Author: Genny Ketcherside   When Kathryn Sias speaks, people normally listen.  This is because she knows what she is talking about.  As an article writer and part of a great team that she has organized, I have learned a lot from Kathryn Sias and I am now

“I’m ranting today, tomorrow I’ll be fine, lol” A person can do a whole heck of a lot for their own self. I guess I’m old-school. I believe in getting up at the crack of dawn and with the chickens, no matter how late I work. I work 20 hour days 7 days a week