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Guaranteed SEO?

What guarantee does Kathrynsias.com offer?

While its not reasonable to offer a rock-solid guarantee with search engine optimization (SEO) we really can offer a firm commitment to your project knowing when we rank you there will be a bonus at the end of the line.  You’ll want to stay with our company forever.  After all, if you are making a good deal of return on investment (ROI), why wouldn’t anyone ‘not’ want to stay?  Was that good grammar?

Our team is a truly dedicated passionate set of geeks of all types.  Each of us has a passion for our area of expertise unlike any other I’ve ever met.

Can an SEO company make a guarantee?

Our guarantee is simple.

  • We evaluate your sites closely before we give a quote.

We always want to over-deliver.

  • All sites are different and will be approached different.

If you have links that need removed or backend issues we hope to tackle that first!  Depending on your budget we could do the backend optimization as well as the front end content marketing, video marketing and link building on high domain niche authority sites all at the same time.

Out of the hundreds, maybe a 1000+ projects we’ve done we’ve given maybe 2 refunds.  If we start work as promised we do not offer refunds but we do promise results.  We can make those promises because we need to get you to page one.  The more projects we have, the more we get clients to page one then again….”the more projects we’ll have”.  We have a large team to feed, our prices are value-priced and reasonable.  Please consider giving us a call today. You can speak with Kathryn Sias directly for a whiz-bang conversation and free evaluation of your site.