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Learn SEO From Kathryn Sias

Tuesday, 16 April 2013 by

  I cannot tell you the amount of potential clients that beg me to share some of my secrets. I get paid well for my professional consultation service.  “Learn SEO From Kathryn Sias” is my way of helping small to medium size business obtain good site ranking. The key to sales is being visible in

Top Seo Expert

Friday, 24 August 2012 by

And we can prove it.  My company oAssist.com has ranked their own site to a number one, page one in google, the term:  expert seo.  Kathrynsias.com also ranks in a number 11 position for the same term.  We plan to dominate the market, getting all our clients to googles page one. Go see for yourself. 

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Beyond Seo

Thursday, 16 August 2012 by

Over the years I have watched seo evolve into something “beyond seo”. Before the latest penguin update I was always careful to place  perfect links, using only the best correct seo methods on each of my own web sites, and particularly for my client sites. When it comes to going above and beyond doing great seo, learning to stay patient will be the key that fits the lock that unleashes boat-loads of traffic back to your website.

Never be quick to do link building unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Never buy spam seo packages or unusual automated software.  I’m still pretty old-school. I’ve stayed away from almost anything and everything, sticking to the simple methods of seo, building on great content and social media traffic.

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On one hand you can’t be arrogant. You know what you’re doing but it’s hard to articulate to potential clients.  You want to tell them you’re the best thing since peanut butter, but on the other hand, “What’s an expert seo company to do?”.  We can’t be over-confident, or can we.? I might offend you

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What does google want from me?

Tuesday, 08 May 2012 by

That’s always a great question. What does google want from me?  That’s the million dollar question. The answer is not so simple. First of all I’m an seo expert that likely won’t give you the entire answer (big, big smiles) but I will tell you the basics of all good white-hat seo and it starts

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