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Is your website usable?Are your pages uncluttered and cleanDo your pages easily link to important info?Hopefully your site shows signs of usability!


by / Saturday, 14 June 2014 / Published in Latest posts

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    by Kathryn Sias

    Usability -what does it mean?

    When I was first introduced to the term I acted as if I understood what it meant. I quickly did my searches and learned that usability, entire corporations have been built around the concept of making something, in this case designing a web site to be more ‘usable’ or ‘user-friendly’. Lesson learned. If you don’t have an answer at least know how to find it. I always said, “I’m not smart, I’m just smart enough to know that I’m not smart and smart enough to know where to find the answers!”

    Regards Usability

    If a visitor doesn’t quickly pick up on the ‘call to action’ then the site won’t convert visitors to do what the webmaster wants the visitor to do i.e. make a purchase, fill out a form, click through to the next page to sign up for ‘something’ be it a newsletter or information. The webmaster, if the visitor does what he / she wants them to then the owner of the site has a nice opt in email list or a data base that can be used to drive more traffic back to the site etc. I recently had a discussion on the topic of ‘ Usability ‘. We made the final conclusion regarding usability: If you are advertising agencies in Orlando or an international web firm i.e. SEO Dubai based companies, whether you are here in the United States or in another country, all websites need to be usable. For instance, its well known that Asian countries take user experience (UX) very seriously. Do US based marketing companies offer the same approach to website design and development? Anyone who knows me clearly understands that I won’t stop until I get my answers. In the case of usability its my personal opinion that the United States is a bit behind. Any thoughts? Please by all means disagree with me. Orlando Bloom – Zulu Premiere in Hamburg English: Orlando Skyline at night

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